Chef Joe Hickel

Creator and designer of the Gingerbread Village, Pastry Chef Joe Hickel.
Joe has been creating gingerbread villages for over 38 years

Joe has said that he may use over 2,300 lbs. of sugar, icing, and chocolate alone. Not to mention the sheet pans of gingerbread for the walls, rooftops and chimneys, which can number near 80 sheets.

The gingerbread village, an annual holiday tradition in Anchorage,AK is now on display at The Hotel Captain Cook through the end of the year.

What chef Joe Hickel and his team put into the 2016 Gingerbread Village:
• 1,000 lbs. – powdered sugar

• 1,100 lbs. – icing
• 250 lbs. – chocolate
• 80 pans – gingerbread

(Photo “screen capture” credit: Video by Andy Nitchman / KTVA)